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TUFF News is a space for kids, teens and adults to find relevant articles about martial arts and events, both related to our school and the martial arts scene around the world. We also offer an amazing After School program as well as Fun Camps. At TUFF we offer the tools to start a change in your life!

In this section, TUFF Martial Arts Academy will firstly post important news, events, upcoming camps, fun days and parent’s participation days. Then secondly, great articles about the benefits, history and other content related to Martial Arts, specially Taekwondo.

 As a result, you will find relevant news, tips covering martial arts, martial arts instructions and martial arts programs that can boost your confidence, discipline and motivation overall.

We hope you’ll find it useful 🙂

“Our approach is firstly go back to basic as both teachers and parents, and reinforce values like respect, courtesy, temperance and perseverance. These are also disappearing traits in kids, having noticed this change happening from a long time, slowly but steadily.  We also must do our part to give them the best chance at success that we can and ensure a better future for our society.”



Congratulations to Ms. Yen!

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